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Dr Clare Lynch

Founder / Director

Doris & Bertie

"Emma is a self-motivated multi-tasker who we now couldn't do without. It's been such a relief to be able to entrust her with all the essential little jobs that were distracting us from growing our business. She's also a lovely, sunny and enthusiastic person to have on our team. Highly recommended."


Roderick Thomson

Director: classical artist management

Hazard Chase Ltd.

"I've been happy to work with Emma for 9 years at Hazard Chase. She's been an excellent colleague, always willing and happy to tackle and solve the day-to-day problems that arise in any busy organisation; that this was all achieved with a smile and an unfailingly positive attitude has made her a pleasure to work with."

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Meg Davies

Director & Artist Manager

Music Productions

“Emma is a pure delight to work with. The breadth of her skills meant she could contribute new marketing ideas to our artists and projects whilst still possessing the attention to detail for proofreading and administrative tasks. Emma contributed not only to public-facing content for our artist’s social media but also designed and created B2B sales documents. Every project was welcomed with a smile.”

Damaris Laker

Managing Director

Artium Media Relations

"Emma is efficient, easy to work with, has a great knowledge of the classical music industry, and can turn her hand to anything I throw at her. She has quickly proven herself invaluable and has allowed me to keep business on track during busy periods. I am so grateful to be working with Emma, and highly recommend her services."

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Lucy Rice

Director: classical artist management

James Brown Management

"Emma has many strengths and her ability to turn her hand to any part of your business is something you will find invaluable. Emma has worked alongside me for ten years at Hazard Chase and now James Brown Management. She is bright, sensitive, diligent, and multi-faceted. Every office needs an Emma."

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Karen Ní Bhroin
Founder & Course Director 
And Other Duties

“Working with Emma has taken a huge workload and weight away from And Other Duties. Emma is very careful to get our tone right, strives for the best and really works with us to help build our brand. Having an outside eye, consistency and someone who really gets the arts is invaluable!”

Who I Have Worked With
  • Alpesh Chauhan

  • And Other Duties

  • Artium Media Relations

  • Benjamin Grosvenor

  • Biggleswade and District Choral Society

  • Bojan Čičić

  • Carlos Izcaray

  • Cass Allen

  • City of London Choir

  • Concert Diary

  • Daniel Hyde

  • Doris & Bertie Writing School

  • Eagle & Beagle

  • East Bedfordshire Chamber Choir

  • Eric Whitacre

  • Evercore Pan Asset Capital Management

  • Hazard Chase Ltd

  • James Brown Management

  • Jocelyn Lightfoot - CEO of LCO

  • Jon Aaron - Meditation Instructor

  • Jonian Ilias Kadesha

  • Julian Bliss

  • Karen Ní Bhroin

  • Kosmos Chamber Music Festival

  • Leonard Elschenbroich

  • Locrian Chamber Choir

  • London Chamber Orchestra

  • Mason Bates

  • Music Productions Ltd

  • Orchid Classics

  • PostureWorx

  • Quite Great PR

  • The Tallis Scholars

  • Timothy Redmond

  • Trio Gaspard

  • Vache Baroque Festival

  • Vashti Hunter

  • Vinay Parameswaran

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